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Derren Brown

Derren Brown (From Wikipedia)

He is an illusionist and author who has written Happy: Why more or less everything is absolutely fine“. I am yet to read the book, but here is the recent BBC article about him.

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Based on the BBC article, it seems that while its very well to say that with hard work and determination you will achieve your goal, life experience teaches us that life doesn’t take us exactly where we aimed. That is because there are currents in life that may be strong and may take us off course to a little or great extent. So … make peace with yourself, the idea being not to try to control everything and blaming yourself when you can’t.

Anita Anand

Anita Anand (From Wikipedia)

She is the author of the book The Patient Assassin: A True Tale of Massacre, Revenge and the Raj, published by Simon & Schuster in 2019. She is also a radio and TV presenter. This is her latest offering but she has also authored Sophia and coauthored “Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s most Infamous Diamond” along with William Dalrymple.

The book covers the period from the 1919 massacre of Jallianwala Bagh till the killing of Sir Michael O’Dwyer in 1940, and goes into great detail about the principal character Shahid Udham Singh. Udham Singh spent his childhood in an orphanage but later traveled around the world several times. The carpentry skills he learned in the orphanage were frequently useful to him. Udham sure had attitude; not long after the crawling order was in force at some places in India and salaaming goras was compulsory on the pain of lashings, he could swagger up to the detectives tailing him in Britain and calmly tell them to go home.

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My Top 5 Fiction Picks

I buy books frequently. Lately many of these have been non-fiction, though there was a time I used to spend hours engrossed in fiction. There are so many fiction books that absolutely moved me or took a grip of me in a way that was difficult to shake off for months. This list doesn’t have all the books that I have liked; doesn’t have any classics either; only the ones that come to mind most immediately.

Perhaps I should also compile another list; that of the books that I absolutely hated. You don’t hate a book that’s just bad. The books you hate are the ones that may be written by your favorite author. You hate it when she has betrayed your trust. Perhaps I will make a list like that at some point but below is a list of my favorite fiction books, (Clicking on the picture of the book and some of the other links, will take the reader to the amazon website):


5-A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif

Emma Donoghue’s Frog Music was earnestly jostling for this slot with this winner and “A Case of Exploding Mangoes” by Mohmmed Hanif has won out with not too wide a margin.

This is a seriously funny book that has the background of real historical events that happened in Pakistan a few decades back. In 1988, the then President of Pakistan General Zia ul-Haq was killed when the presidential plane exploded mid-air. I really admired Mohammed Hanif for thinking up this tale (perhaps it has some basis in truth..) and then having the courage to write it down. I absolutely enjoyed the description of military life in Pakistan because it felt so authentic. The lead character, Shigri is very interesting (εΎˆζœ‰ζ„ζ€) but then the tale has a slight unexpected twist, somewhere in the middle. This twist takes the story down a notch for me but maybe good for some others. You have to read it to know all that.


4-The Great Swindle by Pierre Lemaitre

Pierre Lemaitre’s The Great Swindle has at its center something dreadful that took place when the first World War was ending. Henri is an unscrupulous and ambitious officer, the type you would love to see brought short in his scheming, if only you could manage it. The lead characters are soldiers Albert and Edouard who suffer and are transformed by their experience of war. This leads them to carry out the greatest rip-off imaginable. The author writes beautifully, so that you are never sobbing in tears but always turning the page as the great swindle is revealed.

This is a beautifully written novel where you are always in anticipation.

The paperback with me has a different cover picture .


3-Oh, Play that thing by Roddy Doyle

Henry leaves his past in Dublin, moves to New York and quickly learns to survive there. This book is about New York full of immigrants during the mid 1920s and Chicago in the age of Jazz where Henry goes when New York becomes too hot with the mob after him. Here he meets Louis Armstrong, the renowned trumpeter. “Oh, Play that thing” finds this esteemed slot owing to Roddy Doyle‘s capacity to invent and bring to life the period with all its detail. Many good books are made great because they let you travel in time; something science (rather science fiction) promised long back. Dialogue is amazing.


2-The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

This story has a story within it, and the two stories are intertwined. Iris Chase Griffin, born 1916, lives in Port Ticonderoga (In this book club article in the guardian, the author talks about her novel and the setting). The main story is her POV. Iris hides more about her dead sister Laura than she reveals. This Laura is an enigma for the reader. She wrote a fantasy novel, quite in another dimension of space. The fantasy novel forms the second story.

Checkout some reviews of this book at librarything.com.

I read this novel some time back, and it is my first and favorite book by Margaret Atwood. I imagined Atwood to be quite like Iris. but as we can guess from her article in the guardian book-club, she probably is somewhat different.


The numero uno in my list of fiction books was first published in English in 2001 by Faber and Faber Limited. It is a historical murder mystery first published as Benim Adim Kirmizi in 1998 and there is nothing quite in the same class. Here it is:

My number-1 fiction book

1-My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

The book is set in the sixteenth century and takes the reader into the mind of the painters and mystics of the Ottoman empire. The story is full of spiritual experiences that are enlightening but the very worldy and often macabre goings on shake you up.

This book is full of the exotic experiences that come from visiting far off lands from another time. This book is Orhan Pamuk‘s best.