Making Sense

Notice the turbulent streams of human passions and feelings about the directions that societies, nations or mankind may take.

Now contrast this with the day to day problems that the individual faces.

Irreligious apostates, liberals, progressives confronting orthodox, racial, religious, prejudiced reactions.

The rallies of the right coming face to face with demonstrations by the left. Outraged shouting matches and calm debates.

These are outlets for peoples’ frustrations, their anger against establishments, fears about real risks, perceived injustices or alleged conspiracies.

But after the rallies, protests and revolutions you still have to open the store in the morning or commute to work. The mass movement doesn’t help put bread on the table for the masses; though it does butter the toast for those who give the call to assemble.

The rallies serve a purpose of distracting bored shopkeepers, frustrated employees and it gives vent to the energy of the laid-off. That’s why they assemble.

An agitation is a promise to the poorly paid and the overworked and an insurrection may appear to be the fulfillment of that promise.

For a stabler society, the only requirement is an increase in empathy, and a decrease in the intensity of oppression.

But stability is too boring for most people. Especially because there is very little scope for superhero role-playing when things are going well.

Hence the turbulent streams of human passion and all the rest.

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