Dump that Load of Regret

If I keep wishing for stuff that I don’t need,  I might just end up doing something that I don’t want.

Examples: 1-Wishing for stuff + Loans =》Acquire stuff =》Work hard to payback.
2-Want something + Crime =》Acquire something =》Then do prison time.
3-Want to please =》Work to please.

Desire is the oriented energy that leads to all actions by the living.

But not every single act appears to drip with desire.

A lot of action goes on even after the desire has kind of dried out. The energy has changed direction, or there are multiple commitments, all crying out for some vitality.

That’s the action of paying back what is due.

Because promises are like taking out loan amounts that have to be paid back.

So what passion makes us promise and commit, other than the life inside us?

When we regret something we did in the flow, of life, is it because we think of ourselves as being separated from and independent of (the river of) life?

Regret results from false narratives that we may believe in.

Life will rush, swirl, change directions or move deep and placid into the ocean of truth.

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