Family Boat

The small family Boat starts with a dream. It sails the waters of earning, education, spending, playing and growing.

Few boats sail placidly in calm waters.

Most (family) boats observe others, benchmark behaviors, copy, compete and generally base their own actions on the observations that they make.

A boat is kept together by ropes or strong adhesive. The family boat is bound and glued together by strong bonds of love.

Dreams are physical; but they may also be cultural or social. Ecstatic dreams are spiritual.

The family starts with love and it is also sustained by love. With time the family grows. But the growth just happens. The family doesn’t notice growing except on significant breaks. Days follow each other and may appear to be duplicated copies.

The growing family reaches a critical point when there is a parting, a bye-bye; for education or for earning.

Then, after a gap of necessity, there’s a pause, short or long, full of expectations.

The pause is often followed by the starting of a new family Boat, a fulfilling of expectations.

A new family dreams for a child and the child starts a new dream.

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