Deranged Leaders Do Destroy Democracies

What is being attempted in the US now is not the first instance in history. There have been countless examples of leaders getting their own way and in the process totally decimating any opposition from what appeared to be strong democratic institutions. Throughout time and space there exist heads of states whose very word is the law. We all know of several such names of people in power, but every one he’s favourite example is a dead fuhrer.

Of course this will be a first for the USA at such a high level, though bullies have ruled wide spaces in different spheres. A bully who never appears to feel empathy but seems only to be moved by sensations of blood running to different parts of his body was elected president by mainly two groups of people.

The first group is the smaller one. It is formed of the rich cronies who always want to get their own way and don’t like inconvenient rules obstructing them. These rich cronies could feel growing discontent in the second larger group of the angry people who didn’t expect their lot to improve in the usual way.

Myths of a deep state were implanted mostly using social media that thrives on sensational conspiracy theories. But conspiracy theories do not necessarily need Facebook to survive. They have always been around (remember the devil). Whatever catches the fancy of the idle.

The kind of people’s movement that allows a bully to get elected president merely needs sloth, apathy, fear and greed, all of which are around aplenty.

The kind of environment that would not allow such a thing to happen requires courage, honesty and alertness; please don’t snicker!

No institution can withstand a big bully unless people who care about society and institutions stand together and upto the bully. Because institutions are often headed by people who are not used to saying no to their bosses. If you have gone along with the boss once too often, you will turn into his advocate soon enough.

America stands at the cross roads. The World is watching.

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