Two Wheeler Psychology

If you have driven only cars or trucks, you can’t imagine the pain a scooter rider feels each time she is forced to stop on the street.

Because a motorbike or scooter has only two wheels, the riders can’t just let their vehicles idle and sit back. They need to put their feet on the road and use the strength in their legs to balance the vehicle and stop them falling over.

No rider or driver likes to press the brakes because everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere. With the driver though, it is easier on the red lights or when someone is in front of them.

The riders want to make it easy too. Many of them do stop at red lights. But its more natural for them to want to zigzag and drive around other vehicles than to follow peacefully.

If two people are riding a scooter and the lady is wearing a skirt or Saree, she’s is likely to be riding with both her legs on one side of the scooter. This makes it immensely more difficult for the other rider to balance the scooter at each halt, unless she gets down every time. But she doesn’t get down, nor would he want her to.

With such challenges, many riders decide early that life isn’t fair and so they don’t have to follow traffic rules. This is why we see more riders breaking red lights, using wrong lanes and zigzagging.

From not following traffic rules, to not following other rules of society, is but a small step. The basic rule of forming a queue to maintain order is an example. In societies where people often get from one place to another on scooters, people also find it difficult to wait in queues. Do I need to give examples? You know what I mean.

“Scooters lead to disorder in society” is the conclusion we are trying to arrive at. Tell us below if you agree.

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