Doesn’t everyone use or eat another to live?

You may or may not eat hen, frog or chicken, you may not eat a goat, but surely you must use a cow for milk, no?

Even robbers or designated gangsters may have families that they just might dote upon.

You need the other not just to preserve your existence, but also to prove it, no?

It’s like, I like the outdoors, unlike all the lazy bums who want to laze about indoors all their boring lives; or

those poor, homeless folk out on the road don’t let some mongrels bother them; or

the problem with people who never studied the arts is, you know, they just can’t appreciate the finest things;

You bring yourself in sharp relief by identifying others’ flaws, idiosyncrasies, limitations.

Once you have defined the boundaries between yourself and the others, your path is set. You have rules for others that are not the same as they are for you, or your own group.

Isn’t that how everything works, not just chain gangs. You can swindle or lie to (the gullible, suckers); rob (the weak); kill (the infidels) or eat (the soft, the voiceless).

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