People of the World

People of the world, with the same count of limbs, rarely missing one or two.

With hearts beating quietly and steadily or loud and violent.

The Earth is full of bodies rested or aching and of hearts hopeful or in despair.

Living in communities, respecting laws; sick of rules.

Quietly bearing situations and rarely rebelling.

Guided by stories, in the news, in the books; forming opinions from that of their parents’.

Singing songs together about God, saints, legends, heroes, battles.

Yoked to community expectations.

Earning, eating, saving. Desires never ending.

People proliferate, they dwell on living space.

Moved by love, disturbed by tragedy. Warlike when community expects and demands it.

Often communities demand people to remove love from their hearts; prepare to go to battle; to kill others who are like themselves.

The will to kill is easily accessible even in people nurtured by love who peacefully lived through struggles.

Quick as a chameleon the colors will change. Friends will prepare the weapons for killing.

People who arranged poetry recitals; now feel insecure and wish to destroy those who were guests at the party with music.

Christian, infidel, kaffir, musulman, drawn by destiny’s noose around their necks, they arise from the same elements and there return. In the interim, they have choice.

Between the breath, out and in, we have choice.

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