The Newest Virus

“……everbody on earth will soon be starving or suffocating or dying of SARS or Ebola or H5N1, the fact that H5N1 only has to mutate a few more times and we’re all goners, so maybe it was all for nothing, human achievement, but before that happens, we still have to do our taxes,….” (Lucy Ellmann in “Ducks, Newburyport”, Picador)

“Which would you prefer, a silent carrier or an obviously sick person?” (A passenger in queue for being screened at airport)

“But last year you took me to the psychologist for washing hands too frequently” (A housewife to her doctor husband)

The “crude death rate” looks at mortality from all causes in a given time interval for a given population. The CIA has estimated that in 2020, the global crude death rate will be 7.7 deaths per 1000 persons. (Source: Wikipedia article on Mortality Rates). This means that out of a million people, twenty one persons, on an average, will lose their lives every day due to various causes. Will the new coronavirus change this estimate significantly?

Here’s an article in the free press journal looking into conspiracy theories

The article has the following infographic attached that attempts to give perspective to the awe you may hold the new virus in:

If you are serious about the pandemic, go to for updated information, else watch a movie on the television, or play games because soon you will have to sit down and plan your taxes or go mend the garage door.

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