Ahmedabad Prepares to Welcome President Trump

The Motera Stadium Shines like a Rising Sun

Ahmedabad is dolling itself up to welcome president Trump. The visit may coincide with the opening of the largest cricket stadium in the world with capacity to seat a hundred thousand spectators. The suburb where the stadium is coming up is getting a major face lift. There are armies of workers, many of them women, preparing sidewalks and helping with the mending of roads. A stretch of road that had become very bad during the long period of Metro construction work is now repaired and is getting cleaned up at an incredible pace. Even the roads that were already good to begin with are getting attention for minor bumps. Nobody’s complaining, especially the locals who are basking in the attention. The times are exciting when the president of America is visiting their neighborhood.

The USA continues to be the benchmark for quality in most considerations for most of the Indians. They want to know and emulate how America became the richest and most powerful country in the World. If anything is good enough for Americans, it is good enough for them.

That continues to be the case now, but cannot continue indefinitely. Not much longer can everyone in India or the World overlook the specific traits of the kind of person who rules the most powerful nation in the World. President Trump is a person who gloats over a dead enemy in his state of the union address. He believes he owns not just the officers who work for the government but also the elected representatives of the people. He is a control freak who leads a grand old party that he controls by an obviously cunning use of the carrot and the stick. The people who work for him hang on to dignity by the flimsiest of threads. Perhaps he nurses a desire to be the emperor of America and the World.

He embodies a nature that is the very opposite of that which India holds sacred. Surely he shall visit Rajghat to pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi. We know he is a showman. Still, Indians shall be welcoming and respectful to him, but not because of their politics. Indians welcome the president of the USA because they value their strong relationship with that other great democracy. Indians welcome President Trump because they have a vision of a partnership well into the future that shall outlast governments on both sides.

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