Beware.. the jungle-3

As the boat speeded down the stream, Aron felt slightly sick. Aron was thirty two and had a family to care for. To him Sid was just a kid looking for adventure and to make money in the bargain. Aron needed some money himself and had had enough of transporting fruit and things for other traders. “Was this trip a mistake?”, Aron was thinking.


Definitely he would not like to get onto this boat again any time soon. But he had to get off it first.

Sid, twenty three, still felt good about this job. They hadn’t met with anymore difficulties after the encounter with the crocodile at the sand bar. Another hour perhaps and they should be taking the load off the boat. They were good apples, the best. He hoped to make some money on this and many more trips. Why the other traders don’t do the same, he wondered.

Sid & Aron

It was past midnight when they reached the wharf. Two of their friends had gone to sleep waiting for them. They had brought along carts to carry the fruit to town.

Arriving at the wharf

The next day when they sold the fruit to the wholesaler at the market in town, they could see that they were on to a good thing. After the financial matters were settled, the wholesaler offered them snacks and tea and in the chit-chat that followed found out the route which they had taken. The wholesaler shook his head sagely and then shook the finger of his right hand in Sid’s face. “Beware of the jungle, my boy,” he said, “Beware..”.

To be continued…

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