Around the World

Every time there is a shooting at a school, a mall or a store at the USA, people around the world wonder how come guns are so easily available there. The president can’t face the truth and deflects attention towards mental illness. But if that were the reason for so many shoot-ups then the presence of such mental illness would have to be endemic to the US. Its a situation where Americans have to either decide to take the obvious solution or to let it grow even bigger, till nobody can overlook it.

The most common reason why we can’t change is because we have been identifying ourselves by a previous decision we made; such as the right to bear arms.

Because we can’t believe we can ever be wrong; a past turn we took has locked us into not going back to it and we are trying to find another way to where-ever it is we want to go now. But there is no other way. The right to bear arms is fine for the police and the security forces. It is not normal for people who live in a community.

By the same logic, it is also not normal for a nation to keep arming the world. If you have taken the lead to supply arms to the world, and now there are others in the race to supply arms, it is surely not going to result in a beautiful, happy world. The world is not big enough for all your arms and it is bound to burst, sooner rather than later. All of us that can’t see it may have perfect eyes, but closed minds.

So it seems the world has a leading country, a hero of the past, glorified by action in world war-II, the champion of the free world and all this enhanced by Hollywood. Then we have the followers, countries looking up to it for policy directions, again due to reasons of the past. These followers are somewhat uncertain by the unpredictable actions of the present administration, but are hoping that things will go back to being normal in 2020. Things, however can never go back; they always have to find a new normal.

Much of the rest of the world are made up of the slighted. People that feel they have been slighted by the cold war, or those that were scorned for poor human rights records. These countries, now resurgent, are also driven by their own past experience and are now seeking to dominate, to prove that they were right.

There are of course those that live in the shadows of the world. Whom the light does not reach and nor will these words. They have their own strong beliefs and fears. They believe they have been kept away from their inheritance of the world. They survive by doing shady deals. They also fear that the Satan is trying to change the nature of their youth. To prevent this, also perhaps hoping to regain their inheritance, they are prepared to blow it all up, secure in the false knowledge that their version of paradise, jannat, is indestructible. They do not see that the earth is the only paradise we have.

If we look at the faces of the children of the world, the innocence in our own children’s hearts is reflected there. If we could just shrug off the baggage of the past, throw it down and walk back to the wrong turn; and take the route that is correct. Confident in each other that it is the right thing to do. If we could look at each other with fresh eyes, as equals, and live with all shades of people that make up the world. This is our paradise.

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