Beware.. the Jungle-1

Beware the Jungle

As the sun rises, the jungle is visible to the north of the blue river which flows out quick and smooth through the brown hills in the east. South of the river, a highway runs east west that leads to big cities on either side, the one on the east being closer while the one on the west is bigger. There is a small town, not far from the highway. Half the people in the town are farmers while the other half are workers and traders. Most farmers grow grain and much of it cannot be consumed in the town. This goes via the highway to the big cities.

There are hair-raising stories about the jungle and it is generally felt that anyone who goes there doesn’t return.

Hair-raising stories

Most traders bring stuff from the big city in the west to sell it in the town. The grain from the town is sold in both the big cities.


Sid has been working for some of the traders by transporting grain from the town and fruit to the town. He knows first hand that the highway is narrow and choked with traffic between the two big cities. He would like to break into trading himself, which should not be a problem as he has been doing the deals at both the buyer and seller ends. The challenge is that the margins are rather narrow. Also the fruit bought at the cities are not very fresh by the time they are unloaded at the town.

Then Sid has an idea. This makes it easier to transport fruit and grain to the selling points at the cities and the town.

What is Sid’s idea? What can he think of that would make it easier and more profitable to trade and also bring fresher fruit to the town? Can you guess?

(To be continued…)

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