Multitasking Limits Us

Is your work as a scientist or engineer fulfilling? do you feel you are doing the kind of things you set out to do? Are you fretting or complaining more often than you’d like? Are you tensed up by the ringing of the phone or the new mail in the box? If so then you are not alone and it is happening to a lot many of us.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Cal Newport blames it on interruptions that were enabled by tech. With new technology your boss expects you to be more productive. How much time does it take to answer that email? Then there is beep from a message that wants a quick reply that can’t wait. The phones are ringing, the one in your pocket as well as the one on your desk. You have to pull up your socks and get down to it. During all this what suffers is not just your emotional well-being. It is also your output. You are not able to add the value that will come only with depth of attention; unless you are able to do that do not imagine you are working in the knowledge industry. You are just at the beck and call of your boss and co-workers who are in the same situation of trying to survive the day. You have already accepted that innovation is going to come out of elsewhere, you and the people around you are resigned to the slog.

There is a dream that still lives hidden in your heart, perhaps your daughter (or son) will do work that will be fulfilling. You continue to slog to save for their “education.”

Perhaps I have gone off course and perhaps Cal doesn’t mean all of what I have written.

Here’s the article on BBC news about this:

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