Learn Chinese 学习中文


Learning a new language can re-structure your brain. Understanding and speaking the Chinese language will make you more employable. If you are a senior citizen, engaging your mind in this way can keep it alert forever. Perhaps you have always felt the yearning to understand the mysterious characters. Learn Chinese through the suggested books and apps:

Chinese for dummies is written by Dr Wendy Abraham of the Stanford Center for Buddhist studies. This is a very helpful book, as helpful as a book can be when you are learning to speak the Chinese language. The examples are given in Pinyin rather than the Chinese characters. In my copy a CD was included but the deal on offer today will have to checked out by you.

Some of the other books that I refer while learning the Chinese language are given below with brief intro:

“Teach yourself mandarin chinese” by Elizabeth Scurfield is an interesting book to read that teaches you to converse in Chinese in common social situations. Before half the book is over you are introduced to the Chinese character and before the book ends there is a little classical poetry as well as proverbs.

If you want to focus on the Chinese characters and calligraphy then the book “250 essential Chinese characters” by Philip Yunkin Lee is required. I just have the volume 1 of this book and I am yet to finish this one (below).

Mobile applications or apps are helpful aids in picking up some useful skills. They are useful in learning new languages also. My favourite is Mondly.

Remember you only become proficient in a new language when you start interacting with speakers, preferably native speakers, so that should be the target. The app may be the next best thing, but the books are useful too because they will enhance anything you learn anywhere.


Please do point out any errors that you note by commenting below.

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