Skin in the Game

I recently finished reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Skin In the Game…”

I think that more of Mr Taleb’s human and fragile side is visible in this book than in his previous books. He has clearly written down stuff that previously I imagine he only spoke to his friends. I think so because he has written on certain topics that he would have avoided in the times when he was younger and more careful. Now he seems to feel that he cannot avoid discussing these. Even though it doesn’t appear very rational by his own definition. so he is putting more of his own skin in the game.

A short introduction to Mr Nassim Nicholas Taleb

What I admire about him is that he is one of those people in the world who practices what he preaches in his books.

His discourse often warns about the kind of behavior that appears to be safe but will kill you if you do it often enough, kind of like the Russian roulette. Such behavior is bound to lead to you crashing down in the financial markets and perhaps even on the road.

His professed investment strategy is not to make money regularly and safely, as that is akin to the feeling of the animal being fattened for slaughter. Only the animal doesn’t know it.

He is all for lifting weights and he can’t stand social scientists using statistics without understanding it.

For getting to know him better one has to read his books.

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