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This Monkey on my back

The Indian Public Sector

Around the World

Reading, Listening and Living

Beware.. the jungle-7

Beware.. the jungle-6

Beware.. the jungle-5

Beware.. the jungle-4

Beware.. the jungle-3

Beware.. the jungle-2

Beware… the jungle-1

The Great Lock-Down

A Time of Crisis

The New Virus

President Trump and his Troupe

Ahmedabad Prepares to welcome President Trump

Positions of weakness; positions of strength

The Importance of Bluster

Following the President

California Quakes

Top Five Fiction Picks

Top Five Non fiction Picks

Joseph Heller’s Catch-22

Derren Brown’s Happy and Anita Anand’s The Patient Assassin

Taleb’s Skin in the Game

Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism

Short story: A suitable heir 短篇小说:一个合适的继承人

Learning Chinese 学习中文

Nubian Pyramids, Sudan & Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam

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